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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Currie CHS Cluster - Rights Respecting Schools Transition Event

A group of enthusiastic S3 pupils accompanied Mrs Mackenzie & Miss Scally to Juniper Green Primary to take part in the annual transition event with the Primary 7 pupils from our cluster primaries. This event creates an opportunity for all pupils to mingle by playing games and taking part in activities.  The theme of the afternoon is Respecting Rights by accepting and supporting one another. In small groups the S3 pupils from Currie High School answered questions posed by the primary pupils. Discussion centred on fears about moving school, punishment exercises, strict teachers, a loud foyer in such a big school and about the food in the cantine. The afternoon was very well organised and we all enjoyed the warm welcome when returning to the primary school environment. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

AMOPA-Écosse competition

On Tuesday, 24th March, Emeritus Professor Philip Bennett from the University of Edinburgh came to present the graded certificates to the four AH pupils from Currie Community High School and Balerno High School who entered the AMOPA-Écosse competition "Parlons Français" this year. Robbie Forbes, Rebecca Laidlaw, Hayley Valentine and Cara Kennedy (Balerno High School) acquitted themselves very well and were very pleased by the feedback received. The Modern Languages Department was also awarded a French DVD :)

The Head Teacher, Mrs D. Mackinnon and the Senior Depute Head Teacher, Mr P. Farren were also present at the little reception hosted by the Department afterwards.

A well-deserved “Bravo!” to Robbie, Rebecca, Hayley and Cara!

AMOPA-Écosse competition

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Quiz La Francophonie

Every year on 20 March, the world celebrates the French language and the Day of La Francophonie. The French Institute in the UK has organised again this year the 2015 Quiz La Francophonie on 9th March 2015.

In Scotland, the online quiz contest was open to S2 and S3 pupils. This was a good opportunity for pupils to learn and have fun while developing key skills such as work in a team, make research using ICT, and enhance knowledge of French cultures. Each team had to find the right answers as quickly as possible using all available resources in the Modern Languages classroom.

Pupils had one hour to complete the quiz. The team which will have the highest number of correct answers and which will be the quickest to send back the questionnaire will be THE winner.

There will be three prizes for the three quickest and most effective teams of Scotland and Scottish pupils would be entered the competition for the best UK team to win a special prize.

Thirteen S2 pupils and ten S3 pupils represented CCHS and managed to submit their answers within the allocated time. Winners will be announced in 4-weeks’ time! Fingers crossed for our participants!

AMOPA Speaking competition

The Ordre des Palmes Académiques was established by Napoleon in 1808. The Scottish section of the AMOPA (Association des Membres de l’ Ordre des Palmes Académiques) , whose aim is to support the development of French language and culture, organised a Speaking competition for French Advanced Higher pupils.  The competition integrates with the typical study and examination programme for the AH French students and aims to support them in their preparation for the Speaking test. The entries for the AMOPA Speaking competition were based on the candidate’s Unit Assessment and members of AMOPA – Écosse, a group that includes native speakers and SQA assessors, assessed them.

This year, CCHS presented four AH pupils, Robbie Forbes, Rebecca Laidlaw, Hayley Valentine and Cara Kennedy (Balerno High School) and they all received a graded certificate and very useful external feedback.  The Modern Languages Department was also awarded and received a French DVD. A member of the AMOPA will officially present the prizes and certificates by the end of March.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh public lectures Oct / Nov 2015

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Monday 26 October 2015 4.00pm in Lecture Theatre, RCPE at 9 Queen Street

Wednesday 18 November 4.00pm in Lecture Theatre, RCPE at 9 Queen Street

Thursday 26 November 4.00pm in Lecture Theatre, RCPE at 9 Queen Street

No pre-booking required as lecture theatre holds approx 300, students should just come along on the day for 4.00pm start - finishing by 5.00pm.


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Blytheswood Care Shoebox Appeal 2014 - 21st Anniversary!

Once again, with the help from our friends and colleagues, we are bringing hope and joy to many people living in poverty.

Through donations of shoeboxes, empty or filled and items to make up these boxes, plus donations of money to buy for additional items we have collected the incredible amount of 65 full boxes.

As Christmas is not all about receiving, it’s so nice to think that we will be bringing a smile to these people’s faces.

Cinema Trip - “Le Havre” at the Institute Français

On 2nd December, a group of senior pupils from Currie Community High School together with two of their French teachers and the French assistant went to the French Institute for a free screening of “Le Havre”, set in the French port city of the title.

We all enjoyed this simple yet beautiful film in which ordinary people do extraordinary things. We also enjoyed the atmospheric “ambiance” of the Institute’s Theatre Room and the warm welcome of the Reception desk staff.

It was a great experience for our pupils who were very touched by this heart-wrenching comedy-drama and discovered a small bit of movie magic, a story that plays more as a fable even as it deals with something as topical as immigration but going beyond it and touching deeper issues such as the human capacity for loyalty, decency and even love.